Efelab» We are pleased to present our website, where we hope you find all the information you may need related to the products and services EFELAB provides.

» Likewise, our company is nowadays selling products to more than 200 public and private owned hospitals throughout Argentina as well as other many health institutions abroad which are supplied by our distributors in different several countries


Efelab» EFELAB is a former member company of MEDYLAB GROUP, which was a holding composed of about 15 Argentinean enterprices doing business in the following areas:
» Medical Equipment – Laboratory
» Diagnosis Reagents – Disposable Items
» Surgical Equipment – X-Ray Equipment



Efelab» Ethylene Oxide Cartridges
» Ethylene Oxide Ampoules


Sterilization Indicators

» Sterilization indicator tapes

» Sterilization indicator strips

» Sterilization indicator labels

» Bowie Disck Test Sheet

» Bowie Dick Test Packs

Sterilization Integrators

» Steam Indicator Class 4 (Chemgrator IV04)

» Hydrogen Peroxide Indicator Class 4 (Chemgrator IP04)

» Formaldehide Indicator Class 4 (Chemgrator IF04)

» Ethylene Oxide Integrator Class 5 (Chemgrator IE05)

» Steam Integrator Class 5 (Chemgrator IV05)

» Steam Integrator of Three Stages Class 5 (Chemgrator IV53)

» Steam Emulators (Chemgrator IV06)

Packaging for sterilization

» Polyethylene Film

» See-through Flat Reels

» Nonwoven Wrapping Material

» Tyvek + Plastic Laminated



» Reels Dispenser