Self-Contained Sterilization Biological Indicators

The TecSpores sterilization biological indicators are used to check the efficiency of a sterilization process. They are designed to confirm the presence or absence of viable microorganisms after the sterilization process. The biological indicator contains spores that are the most resistant to the sterilization method used. Available for Humid Heat (steam), Flash Vapor, Ethylene Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide. The indicators contain bacterial spores in supported on a filter paper, inside a thermoplastic container. There also resides an ampoule that with a soybean casein culture medium specially formulated with a color indicator that changes to yellow if they are expected to develop. Tecspores indicators provide visual results in 24 Hs. (Humid heat and hydrogen peroxide) or 48 hours (ethylene oxide).



Advantages of  TECSPORES Biological Indicators for sterilization:

  • They are easy to grow. The results in 48 hours.
  • They do not require a special laboratory for cultivation.
  • The TesSpores biological indicators have FDA certification. This certification is valid for population, Z-value, D-value, performance and ATCC numb