Bowie Dick Test Pack in Creped Paper (TP02)

Bowie-Dick test packs are specifically designed for daily monitoring of vacuum-pump-assisted steam sterilizers and pre-vacuum cycles. It detects leaks, inadequate steam penetration, air bubbles and malfunction or failure in the vacuum-pump.

Main features of EFELAB Bowie-Dick test packs (TP02):

  • The high-performance chemical indicator ink changes to black alter being adequately processed
    and it shows no color change towards the center of the indicator in case of leaks, air bubbles or
    insufficient vacuum within the sterilizer.
  • Permanent change of color that allows keeping the test as a record of the sterilization cycle.
  • Optimun quality. Manufactured under ISO 11140-1, Class II standards.
  • Meets the highest international quality standards.
  • Designed in accordance with UNE EN 867 part 4 norm.
  • External sterilization indicator that shows if the test pack has been processed

Interpretation of results by color change in chemical ink:

The printed test sheet inside the package changes color evenly if it is subjected to the appropriate cycle conditions. If you notice little color change or color change void towards the center of the sheet will be indicated a level of insufficient vacuum in the equipment or the presence of leaks and / or air inside the sterilizer.