Bowie Dick Test Sheets (3670)

The Bowie – Dick indicator sheets are designed to daily monitoring steam autoclave vacuum pumps and pre vacuum cycles in order to detect leaks, inadequate steam penetration, air bubbles and failure of the vacuum pump. High-quality indicator ink is printed over an A4 sheet in order to prepare a wrapping pack according AAMI (Association forAdvancement of Medical Instruments) norms and recommendations.

The use of EFELAB Bowie Dick test sheets is indispensable each day for monitoring the operational capabilities of the steam sterilizers before sterilizing materials. The use of bowie dick test sheets allows the user to effectively detect inadequate air extraction within the sterilization chamber and the formation of air-bubbles. Whastsmore, the inability to detect poor steam penetration leads to poor sterilization. Running a Bowie Dick test is the single, most important quality assurance test available today.

Product Features:

  • Single Indicator sheet for Bowie – Dick testing procedure according ANSI/AAMI norms.
  • High-performance chemical indicator ink which turns to black after being properly processed.
  • Permanent color change of the chemical indicator ink which allows it to be used as sterilization record.
  • Designed according to UNE EN867 Part 4 of the European Community. It provides the sterilizer´s operator safetyness in the daily monitoring of the steam autoclave vacuum pump.
  • Manufactured according to ISO 11140-1 , Class II .


Bowie Dick (BD) test sheets should be placed inside a 7 kg package of towels or compresses, the armed form and preparation of the towel package can be found within AAMI Standards. The reason for using this package is that, with the empty autoclave, it is very difficult to detect air bubbles because they are distributed randomly inside the sterilizer chamber. The standard package is very efficient concentrating any available air inside the chamber.

EFELAB BD test sheets are designed to reproduce the behavior of a standardized towel package and its performance and results are equivalent to those obtained against said package. As with the package, even a single instrument tray would attract a significant amount of air to it, lowering the temperature by several degrees, resulting in poor sterilization. For this reason, it is necessary to evaluate the operation of the vacuum pump daily and the Bowie Dick test is an indispensable tool to give security to health professionals. If the Bowie Dick test indicates any inconvenience, the sterilizer should be taken out of service until the damage can be identified and repaired.

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