Chemgrator Steam Sterilization Integrator ISO 11140 Type 5 ( IV57)

  • The Chemgrator Integrators have been designed to react to all critical parameters of the wet heat sterilization cycles: time, temperature and saturated steam.
  • Reactive high-fidelity indicator that fulfills the Type 5 requirements of ISO 11140-1 standard. The integrator changes from green to black and the pattern color has been printed on each integrator for an immediate interpretation of the results of the cycle.
  • The color change is irreversible and can be used as a record of the sterilization cycle.
  • Suitable for cycles with drying and flash cycles.
  • To be used in steam autoclaves at 121° C, 17 minutes or at 134° C for 3.5 minutes.


Main Features of Chemgrator Steam Sterilization Integrators

  • Easy readout and interpretation.
  • Results available immediately after performing a sterilization cycle.
  • Practical and easy to use.
  • Reliable.
  • They do not require laboratory culture.
  • Optimal quality: complies with the requirements of ISO 11140 class IV
IV57VSTEAM17 min – 5 min121ºC  / 134°C