Sterilization Multiparameter Indicator Class 4 for Steam (Chemgrator IV04)



The Chemgrator multi-parameter indicators are specially designed to react against all critical parameters of a steam sterilization cycle. The blue color of the indicator turns to black in the presence of these conditions. The Chemgrator class 4 indicators comply with the latest and highest standards proposed by the ISO 11140 standard, being the most reliable indicators in its class.

Main characteristics of the Chemgrator class 4 multiparameter indicators

  • Easy readout and interpretation.
  • Results available immediately after performing a sterilization cycle.
  • Practical and easy to use.
  • Reliable.
  • They do not require laboratory culture.
  • Optimal quality: complies with the requirements of ISO 11140 class IV
IV04IVSTEAM7 min / 1 min121ºC / 134ºC