Ethylene Oxide Sterilizing Gas Cartridge EO 4320 / 4310

The plastic cartridge is an evolution to the conventional manual system -of ampoules- and allows the user to work more reliably, incorporating additional elements that allow other aspects to be supervised. Its use together with sterilization and / or aeration equipment provides greater efficiency and safety to the process and offers the operator more efficient control of all the critical variables of the cycle.

The EO 4320 / EO 4310 gas cartridge contains ethylene oxide as the active ingredient and sterilizing agent. It is a practical and simple low-temperature sterilization system that allows you to sterilize medical devices and supplies.

The sterilization kit includes:

  • Sterilizing gas cartridge: made up of a diffusion chamber to release the ethylene oxide gas contained in the vial. Provides additional operator protection with a more reliable and secure design for product handling and activation.
  • Sterilization container bag: Specially formulated and designed to appropriately contain the quantity of materials that can be sterilized with each process.
    Seal seal (to seal the container bag): Allows the container bag to be closed with the materials to be sterilized.
  • Humidiefe: it is a humidity generating tablet that can release up to 3 grams of water vapor, a critical variable in the ethylene oxide sterilization process. This device allows you to generate the necessary relative humidity (RH) during the sterilization process.
  • EO process chemical indicator. To corroborate if certain parameters were reached in the sterilization process: EO concentration, time and temperature. The indicators show visually that the materials have been processed and change color in the presence of these variables, allowing the results to be seen immediately after sterilization. Laboratory culture is not required. Use one indicator per cycle. (It is not a substitute for Biological Indicator BI).
In summary, it is a reliable and easy-to-use system that allows sterilizing processes with sterilizing gas (EO), following certain guidelines (see quick operating guide) and instructions for use of the product (IFUS).
Volume (weight) – EO %
Size – Capacity
Air – Inland
EO 431010 cc  (9 gr / 0,32 oz)94 %45 x 78 cm22 litres10 units x box
EO 432020 cc (18 gr / 0.63 oz )97 %55 x 90 cm34 litres10 units x box
  • Maritime = 5 units per individual box (Export box containing 5 individual boxes -x 25 units-)