Ethylene Oxide Cartridges


Safety Data Sheet

» Our company manufactures and markets 100% pure ethylene oxide cartridges. It should be emphasized that these cartridges have stringent quality control standards on materials, contents and weight throughout manufacturing and packaging. Product evolution follow-up is carefully made on a unit-per-unit basis.

Ethylene Oxide Cartridges:

  • Pure Ethylene Oxide.
  • Bactericide, Viricidal and Fungicide Action.
  • Airtight, Inviolable and Disposable.
  • CFC Free (Freon). Does not affect the Ozone Layer.
  • Safe for plant personnel.
  • Within a sterilizer it allows to effectively sterilize when all the critic parameters are controlled – EO gas concentration, exposition time, temperature and relative humidity.

Applicable to many different sterilizer types and brands available in market:

  • 3M Sterivac® – Amsco® – Hogner® – Del Giudice® – Quetzal® – Mazden® – BioMedica® – Mazzarotti® – Among many others.

Compatibility table for sterilization equipment using the following capsules:

1007 / 1025 mm95 mm7/10 gr
102025 mm105 mm20 gr
1025 / 3025 mm105 mm25/30 gr
106735 mm105 mm67 gr
107035 mm140 mm70 gr
1100/338 mm165 mm100 gr
1128/338 mm165 mm128 gr
1134 / 338 mm165 mm134 gr
113050 mm133 mm130 gr
1170 / 345 mm176 mm170 gr
116050 mm174 mm160 gr
118050 mm174 mm180 gr
120050 mm174 mm200 gr
122050 mm174 mm220 gr
123050 mm174 mm230 gr
125065 mm260 mm250 gr
137065 mm260 mm370 gr

Why choosing us? An approach based on product safety and quality:

Our company manufactures ethylene oxide cartridges with the highest quality standards in the market, being the first and only company in Argentina to have a quality management system certified in ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016.

We only use pure ethylene oxide in medicinal quality (purity of analytical grade) and suitable containers for optimum gas conservation.

We carry out exhaustive weight controls and rigorous sealing controls on each unit produced.

The process is systematically monitored as part of our registration system, which guarantees the safety and efficacy of the product, providing also predictability to the user regarding the performance of the product during the sterilization cycle.

The containers are placed in boxes that comply with international quality standards for the correct preservation of the product and specifically comply with United Nations regulations for the safe transport of dangerous goods (UN mark). These tests consist of tests of fall, resistance to compression and absorption of water that are carried out periodically on the boxes containing the containers inside. Said tests are carried out in the I.N.T.I. (National Institute of Industrial Technology), an official testing and control body, and reviewed and approved by P.N.A. (Naval Prefecture Argentina).

All these aspects result in a higher quality and safety for the users and assure an optimal performance of the product during the sterilization cycle.

Remember that acquiring certified products is a way to ensure the operations and personnel security and also to prevent problems associated with poor quality and product underperformance.