Class 4 Multiparameter Sterilization Indicator for Formaldehyde (IF04)


To ensure that the sterilization process can be performed in a reliable way, there are three parameters that must be controlled: the concentration of sterilizing gas, the duration of exposure to that gas and the working temperature. The Chemgrator multiparameter indicators are specially designed to integrate the effects of time, temperature and formaldehyde concentration in the sterilization processes. The red color of the indicator turns green in the presence of these three conditions, providing immediate visual evidence if the necessary sterilization conditions have been reached during the cycle. Chemgrator indicators comply with the latest and highest standards proposed by the ISO 11140 standard, being the most reliable indicators in its class.

Main characteristics of the Chemgrator multi-parameter indicators

  • Easy reading and interpretation.
  • Results available immediately after performing a sterilization cycle.
  • Practical and easy to us
  • Do not require laboratory culture
  • Optimal quality: complies with the requirements of ISO 11140 class IV