Integrador de Tres Fases Vapor Clase 5 (Chemgrator IV53)

To ensure that the steam sterilization process can be performed reliably, there are three parameters that must be controlled. The integrators have been designed to react to all the critical parameters of the steam sterilization cycles: time, temperature and saturated steam. The most recent scientific works show that the sterilization conditions; for which Chemgrator was designed; they are sufficient to sterilize materials and instruments even when high levels of contamination are present. The Chemgrator integrators comply with the latest standards proposed by ISO 11140 norm, therefore being the most reliable integrators in their class. The three printed indicators  change its color progressively. The first star changes when the exposure to the sterilization cycle is below the established values. The second star changes to the reference point when the established values ​​have been reached. The third star changes when the established values ​​are exceeded (Safety Zone) providing additional information about the sterilization process.

Main features of Chemgrator Sterilization Integrators

  • Easy readout and interpretation.
  • Results available immediately after performing a sterilization cycle.
  • Practical and easy to use.
  • Reliable.
  • They do not require laboratory culture.
  • Optimal quality: complies with the requirements of ISO 11140 class IV
IV53VSTEAM17.5 min / 5.5 min121ºC / 134ºC