Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Integrator (Chemgrator IE05) Class 5



To ensure that the EO sterilization process can be reliably performed, there are four parameters that must be controlled: concentration of sterilizing gas, relative humidity,  duration of exposure to EO gas and temperature. Chemgrator integrators are specially designed to integrate the effects of time, temperature, relative humidity and concentration of ethylene oxide gas in a sterilization process. The light green color of the indicator turns gradually to yellow ochre in the presence of these four conditions, providing immediate visual evidence if those necessary sterilization conditions have been reached during the cycle. A reference color represents the equivalent to the point of death of a population of spores Bacillus Subtilis 1 x 106 CFU. The most recent scientific papers show that the sterilization conditions for which Chemgrator´s EO integrators were designed are sufficient to sterilize materials and instruments even when high levels of contamination are present. Chemgrator integrators comply with the latest quality standards proposed by ISO 11140 reference norm, hence being the most reliable integrators in their class.

Main features of Chemgrator sterilization integrators:

  • Easy readout.
  • Results available immediately after performing a sterilization cycle.
  • Practical and easy-to-use.
  • Reliable.
  • Do not require laboratory grouth.
  • Optimum quality: complies with ISO 11140 class V requirements.
IE05V500 mg/m360 %90 minutes

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