Continuous monitor sensor for EO (ethylene Oxide) for fixed installations with great security, incorporating an oled screen, audible and light alarm that allows obtaining a real-time reading of the working area, guaranteeing the operator a direct visualization of the EO gas in PPM.

It allows a continuous control of the EO concentration in the area, measuring the concentration of ethylene oxide in air between 0 (zero)  and 20 (twenty) PPM, its lowest measurement value being 0,1 (cero dot one) PPM.

The equipment incorporates an electrochemical, catalytic type gas sensor and is manufactured with materials of great resistance and quality: the body its built of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, being the most suitable model for harsh environments.

Water resistant: IP66 grade.

New hot-plug sensor module that integrates sensor and calibration information into replaceable components and allows for on-site sensor replacement without calibration – just plug in a new sensor module and it’s ready to go. Sensor module and easily replaceable parts (hot-plug).

Full menu in English, operated by remote control (RC).

Two built-in relays for multifunctional control. Output signal: 4-20mA / RS485.

Dimensions: 190 x 220 x 99 mm.

OLED screen, with integrated sound and alarm light.

Testing and certification grade: Ex dib IIC T6, ATEX, SIL, CCCF, etc.

The equipment is delivered calibrated and with its respective certificate.