Multiparameter Sterilization Indicator for Dry Heat (ISO 11140 Class 4)


CHEMGRATOR Dry heat multiparameter indicators are designed to check sterilization process efficiency.
The change of color of the multiparameter indicator ink only occurs in presence of the critical parameters of dry heat sterilization cycle (time and temperature).

Main features of CHEMGRATOR Dry Heat sterilization indicators:

High-quality multiparameter indicator that meets the requirements of ISO 11140-1 Class 4 , EN 867 and IRAM-37101 standards.
The indicator ink changes from violet to orange and the initial and final colors have been printed on each indicator for an immediate interpretation of the sterilization cycle results.
The color change of the indicator is irreversible and it can be used as a record of the sterilization cycle.
To be used in dry heat sterilizers (stove) at

170°C (338°F) – 60 minutes  or

160°C (320°F) – 80 minutes.

IC04IVDry Heat170°C (338°F)/  160°C (320°F)60     /
80 minutos