Polyethylene Film with built-in sterilization Indicator

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» EFELAB polyethylene film accelerates the preparation of materils to be processed as it has a highly reliable and durable built-in sterilization indicator that complies with ISO 11140 Standards. Its colour change is very significant -it turns from violet to light green. Because of the polyethylene transparent-appearance, the materials to be sterilized may be easily displayed and handled. Once processed, this film maintains its color even in presence of sunlight, thus allowing correct material identification. It can be used as a sterilization record.

Main features:

  • As it is a transparent packaging it allows to easily see the contained materials.
  • It provides sterilized materials with a long-lasting maintenance period.
  • It allows the operator to propperly adjust the packaging length.
  • It is an unexpensive alternative compared to other sterilization wrapping materials.

Measures chart:

WIDTH                      LENGTH                           THICKNESS
ET 066 cm100 mts60 micEO
ET 088 cm100 mts60 micEO
ET 1010 cm100 mts60 micEO
ET 1515 cm100 mts60 micEO
ET 2020 cm100 mts60 micEO
ET 3030 cm100 mts60 micEO