Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Indicator (IP04)



VH2O2 indicators are developed to react to all Hydrogen Peroxide critical paratemers of sterilization.
The change of color of the indicator ink shall only occur in presente of these conditions, thus providing
visual evidence immediately after the sterilization cycle. If sterilization conditions are met during
the sterilization cycle the indicator ink will change its color up to its reference point.

Main Features of Hydrogen Peroxide (VH2O2)CHEMGRATOR indicators:

* Special indicator ink  that meets the requirements of ISO 11140-1 EN-867 and quality standards.
* The indicator changes from color Red to Yellow and  its final reference color is printed on every strip for an       immediate interpretation of the sterilization cycle result.
* The change of color is irreversible, hence it can be used as a record of the sterilization cycle.
* To be used only in Hydrogen Peroxide sterilizers.
* Shelf life: 36 months from its manufacturing date .