Sterilization Indicator Strips


» Sterilization Indicator Strips are used to indentify several packages or materials to be sterilized. EFELAB stips are printed with a high-performance sterilization indicator ink that changes its colour after being exposed to adecuate conditions in a sterilization cycle. Available for Steam, Dry Heat and Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterlization processes.

Main features

  • High fidelity sterilization indicator Ink.
  • Strips printed with information related to the sterilization process for which the product it has been developed for and the target color the ink will show after being exposed.
  • Container boxes printed with product lot and expire date for a correct product trazability.
  • 250 strips a box (500 sterilization indicators)

Measures chart:

556111 mm x 105 mmSteam
562111 mm x 105 mmDry heat
500011 mm x 105 mmEO