Sterilization Indicator Tapes

Brochure Eo, Dry Steam.

Brochure Hydrogen Peroxide 

In full agreement with present running time when reliance appears to be highly essential, we have developed safety and efficient chemical indicators for different sterilization processes: Ethylene Oxide, Steam and Dry Heat.

Indicator tapes are used to fasten packaging, container and different sterilization wrapping materials. They can also be used to close envelopes, see-though flat reels and packages when a sealing machine it is not available. Printed with a high quality chemical indicator ink they show a notorious coulour change after being exposed to propper sterilization conditions. Therefore show the operator that the materials have been processed. Available for different sterilization processes: EO gas, Steam and Dry Heat.

Main Features:

  • Latex-treated Crepe Papel.
  • Acrilic-based special adhesive that provided high adhesiveness at high temperatures.
  • Laquer on surface to facilitate unrolling.
  • High quality indicator inks.
  • Every tape is printed in the inner cone with type of sterilization process to be used with and the colour the indicator ink turns to, thus avoiding misundertandings.
  • Container bags printed with lot number and vality for a correct product trazability.

Measures chart:

301550 mts x 15 mmSteam
301750 mts x 18 mmSteam
301850 mts x 18 mmDry heat
301650 mts x 18 mmEO (Ethylene Oxide)
303554.5 yds x /3/4 inchHydrogen Peroxide (VH2O2)