Sterilization Paper Bags

Medical grade paper bags.

Container wrapping bag for sterilization manufactured with 60 gr medical grade paper according to international standards, especially indicated in the process of packaging and sterilization of medical material that does not require visual identification of the content of the bag.

Medical packaging designed for use in steam / dry heat sterilization processes and compatible with other sterilization systems such as ethylene oxide (ETO), gamma radiation and formaldehyde.

Controlled porosity and high physical-mechanical strength of the container bag, controlled tightness, and wide range of sizes for almost any wrapping requirement.

OEM manufacturing on demand.

Class I sterilization indicator for steam incorporated which changes from pink to brown.

Manufactured according to International Quality Standards EN 868 Part 4 (CE) – BS 6257 DIN 58953 Part 3 – IRAM 3112