Sterilization Indicator Labels


» Sterilization Indicator labels are used to indentify several packages or materials to be sterilized. Labeler machines can be used with these labels making their application faster and easier. Should you need to make your labours rapidly, this is the faster way to identify materials. In addition, labeler machines can print a date and lot number over the label providing the user a propper trazability of the packages. EFELAB indicator labels are printed with a high-performance sterilization indicator ink that shows a dramatic colour change after being exposed to adecuate sterilization conditions. Available for Steam, Dry Heat and Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterlization processes.

Main Features

  • Adhesive paper that provides good adhesiveness, even at high temperature.
  • High fidelity indicator inks.
  • Labels printed with information related to the sterilization process for which the product it has been developed for and the target color the ink will show after being exposed.
  • Container boxes printed with product lot and expire date for a correct product trazability.
  • 1000 labels per roll.

Measures chart:

200516 mm x 26 mmSteam
200816 mm x 26 mmDry heat
200016 mm x 26 mmEO