Tyvek Medical Reel for Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization (VH2O2) – Blue Peel –


As technologies evolve, so do sterilization systems. Sterilization by Hydrogen Peroxide is an elatively new method that allows the cold sterilization of various materials. The limitations of not being able to use some cellulose derivatives during this process means that the choice of a quality packaging for the materials to be sterilized is paramount. In the same way, an adequate packaging prolongs the useful life of the materials to be processed. Under this concept, the peelable coils have been developed, made with Tyvek®, specially developed by DuPont ™ for medical use of 65 g / m2, and transparent PE / PET bilaminate film. They have a process indicator for Hydrogen Peroxide incorporated. This set provides excellent quality at a convenient price.

Main features of Hydrogen Peroxide medical flat reels for sterilization

  • High antibacterial barrier that provides greater security against container contamination.

  • Great mechanical resistance provides greater security with materials with sharp edges or heavy objects.

  • Superior quality of sealing and peelability.

  • Built-in chemical indicator for Hydrogen Peroxide (VH2O2) that changes from blue to pink.

  • Easy visualization of the contents through the bilaminate film.

  • Presentation: Reels of 70 MTS.

  • Manufacture complies ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality standards and the specific norm for sterilization packaging: EN 868 -5 and ISO 11607.