Ethylene Oxide Ampoules


Safety Data Sheet

» Using sterilizing gas ampoules is a very simple method that can be performed anywhere and it is specially recommended for emergency conditions when no electric power, natural gas or connections are available to perform a sterilization cycle. This method allows sterilizing any sort of materials, including those ones that cannot be exposed to heat in either steam autoclave or dry heat.

The main characterictic of this gas is that it can easily penetrate into and spread through different types of materials thus achieving a proper sterilization.

EFELAB Sterilization Kit

EFELAB Sterilization Kit contains all necessary elements for sterilizing and it includes the following items:

  • 1 sterilizing gas-containing ampoule (active ingredient: ethylene oxide and inert gases) that is contained in a diffusing membrane container.
  • Containment bag for placing the material to be sterilized.
  • Bag-closure seal.

Measures chart:

Volume – %ETO
Measurement     –    Capacity
40055 cm390%31 x 60 cm11 liters20 units per box
4005-A (AIR)5 cm390%31 x 60 cm11 liters20 units per box
401010 cm394%45 x 78 cm22 liters5 units per box
4010-A (AIR)10 cm394%45 x 78 cm22 liters10 units per box
402020 cm397%56 x 96 cm34 liters5 units per box
4020-A (AIR)20 cm397%56 x 96 cm34 liters10 units per box

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