Unique-point Steam Sterilization Emulator (ISO 11140 Type 6)


To ensure that the sterilization process can be performed reliably, there are three parameters that must be controlled. Chemgrator emulators are designed to respond to all critical parameters of a steam sterilization cycle: time, temperature and saturated steam quality. The color change of the emulator only occurs in the presence of these three parameters thus providing immediate visual evidence if the necessary sterilization conditions were reached during the cycle. These emulators have optimal performance and have been designed for various sterilization times and cycles, many of them incorporated in last-generation autoclaves and in all those sterilizers that comply with ISO 13060 standards. Chemgrator emulators comply with high-quality standards proposed by ISO 11140, being the most reliable sterilization indicators in its type.

Main features of Chemgrator Steam Emulators

  • Easy readout and interpretation.
  • Resultados disponibles inmediatamente después de realizar un ciclo de esterilización.
  • Practical and easy-to-use.
  • Realiable.
  • Do not require laboratory culture.
  • High-quality: complies with ISO 11140 type 6 standards.


EV35VISteam134 º3.5 minutes
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